June 2013 Net Worth

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It’s June! Wow, time just passes by! I turned 23 last month, and I look forward to having an amazing year!

Summer is here, finally! I have been working out and eating healthier to get ready for the summer. I have been working out five times a week. I do a combination of Pilates  yoga, weights, and bootcamp.

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Here’s the progress we have made this past month.

Savings: $39,500. We are +$3,000. We met our savings goal for the month. We are really close to reaching the $50,000 mark, at which point we can start searching for a house. Only 3.5 more months to go!

Checking: $1,161.23 This amount varies every month, as we get paid, and pay all our bills.

401K: $13,543 This increased by +$1,504. The markets are going up and up and away!

ROTH IRA #1: $3,534.72 This increased by +$98. The markets keep going up and up!

ESPP: $2,665  This increased by +1,465. Finally updated this valuation.

Discover Credit Card: -$1,535. I pay this bill off every month.

CoAmerica Credit Card: -$417.89. The statement monthly amount gets paid off in full.

Total Increase of $3,067!

I have to admit these net worth updates are not the most interesting, but they do keep us accountable.

How was your last month? Are your progressing on your annual goals?

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  • You guys are getting so close on the house savings! Have you started scoping out neighborhoods that you like? That was always so much fun for us – date nights driving around town checking out new areas.

    • No, we haven’t. The biggest issue in our area is finding a neighborhood in our price range. Where we currently are is rather pricey!!! :( For Texas, anyways. I think we will start looking soon though. Thanks for stopping by Mrs. POP!!! I really appreciate it!

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