The Value of an MBA for Women

Since I just finished my MBA, I thought this info-graphic was quite interesting.

Do you have an MBA? What specific benefits has it brought you?

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  • I just finished my first year of MBA (and actually had the chance to hear Ellen Kullman speak)! My MBA opened the doors to my summer internship, in a company that I could not enter without an advanced degree from a top school. And I’ve also made some really good friends at school, friends that I think I will have for life. But of course, then there’s the $100K in tuition money I’ve paid / am going to pay…

    Have you read She is also getting her MBA, at Columbia Business School, I believe.

  • I’ve heard that some schools require a few years of work experience before accepting MBA applicants. Were most of your classmates right out of college or had experience? My sister who has been working for awhile is thinking about going back for her MBA, though she’ll be working full time. How did you find working while going to school? Thanks!

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