What Are Your Vacation Plans for 2013?

Today as I stared off into my beach screensaver, I thought about our vacation. A vacation that is not yet planned, but desired. This year as we save aggressively for a down payment towards a house, we are debating what vacations to plan. Some of our friends invited us to go to Cabo with them with a Group On coupon. $950 per person for a week in Cabo, Mexico. We passed. Most of the vacations we have been on we have managed to spend less than $1,300 on airfare, hotel, and food. So for this year’s vacation it’s my goal to maximize our vacation money.

This time we want to head to a beach destination like Cancun, Mexico.

We are, also, considering taking a Caribbean cruise.

I am going to start looking at deals and hopefully, we will find a deal under $1,300.

Has anybody been to Cancun or taking a cruise? Any tips for this newbie?

The plan is to take a week’s worth of vacation in the early fall. I am going to attempt to find a deal around Labor Day weekend. It would be great if we could take our vacation during Labor Day week. I would only have to take 4 days off work, which would leave me with 18 vacation days. I really want to take a long Christmas break. It would be great if I could take off the last three weeks of December. Remember, last year I sold a week’s worth of vacation? I really regret that, even though the money was nice. However, this year I am not going to sell days. Uncle Sam taxes that week and takes 30-40% of it. So,  I would rather just take it and enjoy it. But I have noticed I am getting more and more fatigued. My hubby has, also, said the same thing. The question will be if can we last until September to take our vacation?

How many vacation days do you have this year?

The more and more I think about our vacation, the more and more I want to go. Sometimes I wish we lived near the beach. It would definitely be a plus to escape and hear the waves. Maybe when we retire? Texas has such boring geography. It’s just flat!

Where do you plan to go on vacation this year?

***Please feel free to share your vacation plans, costs, and the deal website.  I will definitely appreciate it, and I’m sure others would love the information :)

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  • We just came back from a vacation in Dominican Republic, spent about $1,300 on airfare, rental and hotel.I won’t include spending money because we actually have some family and went out with them so our costs severly increased BUT for some one going and just staying in an all-inclusive resort I would totally recommend Boca Chica, Juan Dolio areas. Totally worth it!.

  • I love vacations but sometimes you have to sacrifice them to work toward another goal. I’m going to New Orleans, and then around the States a bit. No big trips planned for this year! Cabo sounds amazing, but you gotta do what you gotta do!
    Daisy @ Young Finances recently posted…Album Review: The 20/20 Experience Justin TimberlakeMy Profile

    • Yes! Sacrifice. I know once we have a house, it will be easier because the money we currently have budgeted for housing will go for our house, and our savings will be savings not a down payment on a house.

  • I used livingsocial escapes last year for my trip to Hawaii. And Groupon has them too. You might want to keep your eyes on those sites. This year I’m just traveling domestically, but next year I plan on going somewhere. I keep going back to the idea of Croatia.
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  • We are going to New York early next month and I think that may be it for us this year. But we just went to Costa Rica in the fall. This year, I started saving about $500 of my freelance income every month for vacations (the rest goes toward debt). Our trip to New York, will most likely wipe out what we have, and we’ll have to start over. That’s how we can decide if we get to go on vacation or not.
    My parents just added me to their timeshare in the Dominican Republic so I’m thinking that will be our next trip maybe early next year? My husband also really wants to go to Cuba, and while I think it would be fun, it’s not on my bucket list. But I’ll compromise and go for him since he went to Costa Rica because that’s where I really wanted to go.
    Man I LOVE talking about vacations!

    • NYC sounds like so much fun! It’s definitely on our one day visit list. Costa Rica is my dream vacation. I have been dreaming about it since high school. I have never been to Cuba, but have heard from other Latin American nationals Cuba is beautiful. Not many Americans want to visit Cuba, due to the political environment.
      I have heard great things about the tourist side of the Dominican Republic.

  • Definitely check out TravelZoo.com! I find a ton of great deals on their weekly Top 20 that’s published every Wednesday.

    I just got back from Dubai, and I’m planning for Kauai and Portugal. Need to step up my earning efforts to pay for the stupidly expensive flight to Kauai though! :)
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  • I’m thinking about either a week in China if we go abroad, and a week in DC if we stay stateside. I’d love to go to Charleston or Savannah for Thanksgiving.
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    • China sounds very cool! Do you have family there?

      We went to Charleston last May. We liked it but really thought 1 day was enough. We stayed at the Hilton downtown. There are some really cool bars! The old slave market is really cool too. It used to be a market where they traded slaves back in the day (if you didn’t guess by the name), and now merchants set up booths and sell merchandise. We bought a beautiful painting for my mom.

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