I’m Tired of Apartment Living

I want to thank Jessica for mentioning me over in her house, Mo’ Money Mo’ Houses!

It seems like just yesterday I was so excited about moving to our new apartment. I remember writing about choosing to pay extra for location and accommodations on Apartment Choice: Do You Pay For Location And Amenities? I, also, remember making a stand on why we weren’t ready for home ownership on My Classmate Just Closed on a House.

Quick recap: One of my school friends closed on a house about a year ago. I remember thinking we couldn’t even afford at home at a point when were barely keeping up with bills because of graduate school. Now things are different. Our financial situation has changed.

But, mostly I have a love hate relationship with our apartment complex. I love being super close to work. It only takes me 4 minutes to get to my office. How awesome is that commute? Very awesome :) I love having fitness classes at my apartment complex. I literally have to walk downstairs and I’m at my class. I go to bootcamp, pilates, cardio kickboxing, and total burn :) It’s beyond amazing.

I HATE our neighbors. Never ever choose to NOT live on the top floor. We have always been on a top floor apartment and now that we are on the third it sucks. My neighbor upstairs walks around in heels, works out in the middle of the night, has rowdy dogs, and has a kid on the weekends who jumps up and down things. Actually, from her odd hours and interaction with her, we are convinced she is a stripper. My neighbor next door has a dog that will not stop barking. The dog starts at 6:30 am and never stops. I have returned during lunch and the dog is still barking away. I come home at 5 or 6 pm and the dog is still barking. I want to pull my hair out. We have cockroaches. I don’t where they are coming from. Exterminators have come multiple times, and yet they still appear in the same place: the bathtub. It’s disgusting! We think it’s because our apartment is right next to the garage and the trash chute.

1zd2ph4We live in pretty expensive apartments for all these problems to be happening. I am not overpaying for this apartment to be having this type of experience. A home is suppose to be peaceful, a place you enjoy after hours of grueling work. As long as we have the same neighbors, enjoyment will be hard to achieve for me.

– At times, I walk around with headphones on, so I don’t hear the noise. –

I keep logging into my account, crunching numbers, and calculating when we are going to be able to afford our house. Considering our house mortgage + interest + property taxes + insurance will be the same payment as our rent, financially it makes sense.


Originally, our plan was to start looking in August, and hopefully find something by December when our lease ends. Now, I’m trying to figure out how we can get out of our apartment lease earlier without incurring the hefty costs.

Anybody have any experience getting out of a lease early?

Never ever sign an 18 month lease….I should have stuck with a 1 year lease. Crap what the heck was I thinking? Learn from my mistakes! Also, always look at the location of the apartment. The apartment right next to the garage seems awesome because you won’t have to walk very far for your car, but then you always hear cars zooming by. Trash chute close by? Great! Except you will be too close to the trash. Dog friendly community? Awesome, oh wait, every apartment inhabitant has a minimum of one dog. They pee and poo everywhere, and bark at everyone. Remember, I like pets, but there are a lot of people who do not train their dogs.

Now, the negatives make it seem like a terrible place to live. It isn’t. But I have definitely found pet peeves that I will be making sure our house does not have.

So, now we just have to get to our $50,000 savings. Right now, as I write, we have $30,000 in savings. $20,000 more to go. Time is money! Tick Tock Tick Tock.

Anybody else saving up for a down payment? Have you started looking at houses?


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  • I’m sorry to hear about your experience. That sounds horrible… my first apartment out of college was a “shabby chic” place that was more shabby than chic, but it’s never been dirty or smelly. Do you know what area you want to buy in? Can you move into a different apartment complex and continue to save up for a down payment? Also, if you are that miserable, it might be worthwhile to pay the lease breakup fee and move to a more livable place.
    Well Heeled Blog recently posted…Mega commutes: painful but (somewhat) avoidable?My Profile

    • We are going to talk to our leasing office to see what we can do. I don’t want to break our lease if it means having to pay penalties. It’s quite a hefty penalty!

      The apartment is still livable, but I feel like we shouldn’t be having these problems for the premium we are paying.

      We want to buy in nearby neighborhoods. We promised not to start looking until we had $50,000 in the bank.

      Thank you for trying to make me feel better

  • I hated apartment living so I feel your pain =/
    Holly@ClubThrifty recently posted…I’m a Workaholic: A Club Thrifty ConfessionalMy Profile

  • There are so many pros and cons to aparment living vs home ownership. I have lived in My fair share of apartments. From gross (had cock roches as well ick!) to awesome (downtown Chicago!). I owned a home in a nice friendly neighborhood in MI and everyone had a dog. Even though I lived in a house I could still hear the dogs barking so moving out of an apartment doesn’t necessarily fix the dog barking issue unless you have great windows. Home ownership comes with a lot of extra costs and time. Home maintenance is a big one as grass does not mow itself. lol. But I will say owning your own home gives one a sense of pride. Good luck in your search and just know your current situation is temporary. Just think if it was a condo and you owned it. It would be a lot harder to move then as selling condos these days isn’t easy.

  • I have broke many leases! As long as you find a sub-leaser or someone else to live there, it usually isn’t a problem. I’ve never had a problem with sub-leasing either.

    I’m now wondering if my downstairs neighbors think I’m a stripper because I come and go at weird hours!
    Leslie Beslie recently posted…Vegetable Delivery UpdateMy Profile

  • My fiance and I broke our lease to buy a house. I actually really liked our apartment complex/location but we ended up finding a house about a week after we started looking. We lived in an area like yours (lots of amenities, higher end apartments) so it wasn’t too hard to find someone on Craigslist to takeover the lease. It was actually just north of Dallas (Addison if you know where that is). I offered $500 which is a little over half a month’s rent to make it stand out and had a renter within a month. Obviously do your due diligence with this- the new renter had placed his deposit/signed the paperwork/passed the credit check before I gave him anything!

    • I know where Addison is. Do you still live in the DFW area?

      Not to comfortable with sub leases. Plus, until we find the house we are going to buy, it doesn’t make sense to move. Hopefully we hit the $50,000 mark in a couple of months so we can start looking. It’s definitely motivating!

  • I feel your pain!!! My last apartment before I started the buying process was jacking the rent up like 10+%/year and my bedroom was right next to my neighbor’s living room and they watched TV until 1 am. I was near the elevator, so I would hear people coming home late on Friday nights and had to close my bedroom door at night to sleep, but then there was the TV next to me and I could hear the dog barking in the apartment below me. It just was not fun. The condo that I bought doesn’t have the greatest soundproofing either, but there’s no TV next to my bedroom (I think it’s a kitchen?) and I haven’t had any real strong noise complaints.

    If it takes you a while to find a place to buy, I would also consider looking for another rental. I hated how small my second rental apartment was here and was pretty close to looking for a new rental instead of buying because it was taking so long to find a place: http://leightpf.wordpress.com/2012/05/07/im-moving-again-soon-somewhere/

    Hold in there!!! I would definitely try talking to the leasing office. With all the noise complaints, you should at least get some compensation :)
    Leigh recently posted…Updated Savings PlanMy Profile

  • Cheer up I know it’s a vent in this post I can feel it lol. Look at this way at least your close & capable of saving 50k to buy a house and it’s only a couple of months away they will go fast!. At least your not like me I will never save 50k or buy a house in NYC. There’s still hope for you!!! 😉

  • To be young again! I don’t miss it so much because I had to learn the hard way so many times. Also, I fell into the work for a little money now instead of going to college to make a lot more money later trap. Anyhow, you are lucky to have the vast resource of the internet to really learn how to buy a house. I wish I had Zillow, Redfin, and Trulia back when I bought my first house. I also wished I had known how complicated loans were, knew what a mortgage broker was, and have access to Lending Tree. It might be worth it for you to take a real estate classes to learn some of the ins and outs of what a Realtor does, who knows you might get licensed yourself! :)

    As far as my house down payment savings and hunting, I’m going on my 6th year. We dodge the 2007 bubble and have been looking ever since. We missed out opportunity last year because it has suddenly become a seller’s market here in Las Vegas. We are still determined to buy, but we are MEGA picky to what we want and where we want it. Unfortunately, that means big bucks…

    I’m looking forward to your house/loan hunting experience on your blog.

    • I think it’s definitely easier to shop for a house now than ever. My parents bought a house in 2008 and they did not have the resources we have now. Technology is a great tool!
      Thank you for commenting!

  • I think my wife and I are going to be stuck in apartments for at least 4 more years – Sigh. And interest rates are so low to buy…

    I feel your pain!
    Jacob@CashCowCouple recently posted…Why We Can’t Afford a DogMy Profile

  • This may sound weird, but it felt like all the things I hated about my apartment were like the driving force to get me to save more for my down payment. I would sleep with earplugs because of the constant noise and the people living above me would constantly drag their furniture all over the apartment. The elevators were insanely slow. It was faster to take the stairs to the 7th floor. They constantly shut off the water for maintenance. People would leave their garbage OUTSIDE the chute. What a bunch of lazy asses. And the list goes on….

    I am so much happier in my house because I don’t have to deal with all that bs. Keep on saving! You’ll get there! :)
    MakintheBacon recently posted…The Write StuffMy Profile

    • They are definitely a driving force!!! I keep socking away money and trying to save money any way we possibly can. I hate lazy people. In my complex, people also leave their garage outside of the chute. Umm.. how hard is to put it down the chute? They take their dogs out and let them pee anywhere. They loiter everywhere. We used to live in a cheaper apartment (lots of immigrants and students), and that place was so much more cleaner!!!

  • We lived in an apartment once and while it wasn’t terrible, it wasn’t great. Aside from that, we’ve always rented/shared houses (which is more common here). When we buy a house, it’s definitely going to be a house.
    eemusings recently posted…Things I wish American PF bloggers knew about New ZealandMy Profile

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