Family visit, wedding, fitness, and hunger

I’m alive!!! I went completely MIA this weekend because my parents came to visit and we went to a family wedding three hours east of Dallas. It was in a little small town where I had very little cellphone service. Best I could so was send test messages if I was in the right spot.

Wedding was fun, I’m down a couple hundred bucks, and I wish the best for my third cousin and her husband. The weekend did not start out so great. My parents and I got into a tiff when they were driving to Dallas over directions, but things normalized Saturday morning.

I got a mani with my mom to get ready for the wedding. And I realized that I hate a french manicure. I actually think I have very pretty natural nails, and a french manicure just makes them seem so fake!

I learned something very important from this wedding. First, people need to put what attire is considered acceptable on their wedding invitations. I ended up wearing a very pretty long dress since I thought it was a wedding, especially a Mexican wedding. But, I was completely over dressed for the party. I wonder if I’m ever going to be appropriately dressed for a party?

I got pulled over by a cop for the first time in the small little town. I was really calm and nice to the officer, and was really nice to me (very friendly cop, usually they are so uptight). Apparently, I didn’t have my headlights on. My lights in my car aren’t automatic, which means I have to turn them on at night. They require two clicks, and apparently I only clicked once. Thankfully, I only received a warning!!!

I completed my five workouts last week, which marks week 4 a success!!! I’m at 119 pounds. I have also given up a majority of the carbs I used to eat which is making me extremely tired and hungry all the time!  I’m noticing more definition, but I still have a long way to go. The workouts always kill me every week. I, also, didn’t sleep a lot this weekend. I think I got about eight hours of sleep total this weekend. I have been trying to stay awake the entire morning at work, and really wish I had snacks or chocolates to munch on.

So, there’s the recap of my weekend. What did you do?

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