I Realigned My 401K Portfolio With Some Vanguard

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My company added Vanguard funds to their 401k funds!!!!!!!!!! You have no idea how happy I was when I logged in and looked investment choices earlier this week. I actually found out by mistake. You think they would send a huge company announcement saying we added Vanguard, no peeps go sign up for them. But nooooo!!! They kept their mouths shut and I had to go find out by checking my investment options.

Remember my crappy investment choices? If not here’s quick reminder (see picture below). These funds have extremely high expenses and terrible yields. Look atAEYIX (American Century Equity Income). It has an average 1.69% yield and a 1.95% fee….so I’m basically making money to pay the fund managers, and then, coming out negative….Hmmmm does not sound right.

Now, my 401k looks like this as of 1/10/2013. I completely simplified my strategy. I’m investing in VMCPX, VIIX, VSCPX. And of course, since they are Vanguard funds, fees are extremely low, like less than .2%! Booyahh! I have my ROTH IRA invested in VHDYX.

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 10.36.40 PM

My investment strategy just got easier. Now I can just sit and relax :) Now, I do realize I am heavily…like 100% invested in stocks. But since I won’t touch this until 40 years from now, I’m being a little aggressive.

Have you looked at your company’s investment choices lately???Have you rebalanced your portfolio?

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