I Just Paid For My Last MBA Class

Last week, I paid for my last MBA class. $2500 has been withdrawn from my personal bank account and transfered to my university’s bursar’s account. It’s rather bitter sweet! I, also, just applied for graduation. I’ll be reimbursed in June when I pass my class. I already miss the money!

In the Spring semester, I will be taking Economics. I’m not crazy excited about the class, but I’m excited to be finished finally with school. At least for the time being. My mom is already asking me when I’m going to start and finish my PhD. She really wants a doctor in the family. ;p

Has my MBA benefited me? I have to say it has. I learned a lot during graduate school, and it allowed me to enter the workforce at a higher starting salary. Being “finished” with school, has it’s downsides. Gone is the security of knowing if you get A’s, you will be AOKAY. I’m finding out quickly the workforce is very different from school.

Will I go back to school after my MBA? I don’t know yet. I love being a student, sitting in a classroom, and learning, but I don’t like the busy work.

Are you finishing up a graduate program? Are you considering a graduate program? What are your thoughts?

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