We Own My Company Stock

On 11/15 we became owners of 90 shares of my company stock.

I automatically invest $130 of every paycheck to my ESPP account. $130 x 26 pay checks equals to $3380 over one calendar year. Every quarter the money allotted is invested by Computer share.  Now, I have to hold on to my stock for 3 years before it’s fully vested. After 3 years, I will be awarded one share for each share invested, as long as I’m still working at my company.  So last week’s share will turn into 180 shares :), and hopefully the stock price has more than doubled so I can make a nice profit. Or at the very least not decreased.

Do you contribute to your company’s ESPP program? How much do you contribute a year? What are the guidelines? Have you profited from your investments?

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  • At a previous job, Mr. PoP had participated in an employee stock purchase program… but we ended up getting bit a little by it.

    Long story short, since the purchase happened before we were married I had no idea about the holding period – and we sold it about 2 years after he bought it. So we ended up getting a bill from the IRS when we didn’t declare the profits from the sale as income. Oops! We paid it and there were no additional penalties, thank goodness – but another detail to watch out for if you switch jobs!

  • That’s awesome! We don’t have that program at my work but I’m sure I’ll eventually work somewhere where there is something like this.

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