Saving Submissions and other Rants

Well, it’s Wednesday, the day before Turkey Day in the US. Are all my American counterparts ready to eat some turkey??? Gobble Gobble.

So this week I am claiming saving submissions at work. I negotiated with suppliers on two parts :) with the aid of one of the category managers. The first two submissions total up to $25,000!!! These are baby submissions. The submissions the category managers submit are usually in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions. Hopefully, in two years I will be a category manager, if not sooner!!! By the way, I work in sourcing. In laymen terms, sourcing is the arm of a company that flexes its muscle when the company needs cost reductions, and makes its suppliers reduce their prices. Competition leads to lower prices. And a company always needs cost reductions!!!

So, not only am I thinking about money in my personal life (ahem..personal finance blogger), I also work and think with money every day. Sometimes thinking about so money does drive me a little crazy, so I’m not sure if I suggest it.

Here are my Thanksgiving Plans:

  • Thursday – Spend it with in-laws and family. Eat turkey and try not to watch football
  • Friday – Go shop for XBOX 360 in the morning, hit the road to go see my parents. Spend afternoon and evening with parents.
  • Saturday – Spend morning with parents and little brother. Drive back to Dallas in the evening.
  • Sunday- Recover

Anybody else shopping for an XBOX 360? What deals have you found so far? What are you doing for Thanksgiving???

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