$400 Bi Weekly In Medical Insurance

This week I elected my 2013 health benefits contributions.

Maybe I should have worked for a medical insurance company because it sure seems like they make lots of money off of me! I pay $400 bi weekly in medical insurance. That’s $10,400 approximately over 26 pay periods. This is for 2 adults ( my husband and I). Technically, I don’t pay for it our of my pocket. My company provides this benefit. So it’s a benefit on top of my salary. However, I still consider it part of my total compensation.

Sigh, I never knew how much medical insurance was exactly. Do I get sick that often? ¬†Umm…not really, other than my kidneys. My kidneys don’t filter minerals correctly, and kidney stones form. It’s a hereditary disease. I had my first kidney stone when I was 6.

Up until I was 22 years old and started working (umm..about four months ago?), I did NOT have medical insurance. Any visits to the doctor would be paid out of pocket. Even more reason to stay healthy!

I still balk at the cost! Imagine, if we had to pay for it! $400 out of every paycheck. Sigh….another adult responsibility item!

How much do you pay in medical insurance? If you don’t pay for it, how much does your company?


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