Travel On The Cheap

We love traveling on the cheap! Yup, you heard it right, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I know my mother-in-law sometimes chuckles when I mention my goal of finding the cheapest, most affordable way to get to our travel destination. But what can I say? I hate spending money on travel and sleeping accommodations!  Especially when we will be sight seeing and eating most of the time. So how do I travel on the cheap?

  1. Travel off-season: Airplane tickets and room accommodations tend to be cheaper when traveling off season. For example, we are going to DC on Dec . 1-8. Right after Thanksgiving and right before the Christmas holiday travel starts. Airlines increase the cost of tickets by more than $100 when demand is up! I snagged 2 round-trip tickets to DC for $311 on Spirit Airlines. We, also, traveled to South Carolina for $311 on Spirit Airlines!
  2. Be creative with sleeping accommodations: A lot of people want to stay in fancy hotels. Believe me, I would love to stay at a Hilton Double Tree at all my stays. Have you eaten their cookies?!!?? They are awesome!!! But how much time are you going to really spend inside your hotel? If it’s not a lot, then consider using Airbnb, staying a hostel, with a relative, or camping. You could camp in a tent or rent out a cheap log cabin.
  3. Take snacks on your trips: Everybody gets hungry. Make sure to bring snacks and water to quench your hunger and thirst!
  4. Avoid renting a car: If you go to a city that uses the metro, rely on it! It might be a little harder, following a GPS in your car isn’t any less stressful.
  5. Balance eating out at a nice and more affordable places. Sometimes the more affordable places have the best food! On our last trip we went to eat at some nice places where the plate was $30 each. The food was meh. Just because it’s more expensive, doesn’t mean it’s tastier.

Do you travel on the cheap? Do you have any more ideas on how to travel on the cheap???

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