November 2012 Goals

October came and left! Seriously can you believe it’s already November? I sure can’t. There’s only two months left in the year, and the pressure is on to complete my goals.

October was a good month. We didn’t save as much because I ended up paying for our December vacation to DC. I, also, opened my ROTH IRA and deposited $3,000. I, also, sold a week of vacation, which will be paid in November. I will, also, be getting reimbursed for my Fall classes in November. Here are my October goals:

October Goals:

  1. Save $2500 FAIL We only saved $1000.
  2. Spend no more than $2500. FAIL. We had to pay for vacation flight and sleeping accommodations. However, I think our expenses would have been lowered if we didn’t have to pay for the vacay.
  3. Pay $400 to car loan. PASS. 
  4. Workout 4x week and lose 2 lbs. PASS. I haven’t lost weight (I eat too many cookies and ice cream), but I’m working out more and I started running. I,also, signed up for a corporate relay marathon in December! I am running the longest and last stretch (6.4 miles).
  5. Make $200 of side hustle $ PASS. I got paid for past babysitting hours. However, since I’m not going to be baby sitting anymore, I have to find a new side hustle.
  6. Sell 2 pairs of shoes on ebay FAIL.
  7. Write 3 blogs a week. FAIL. I was distracted with work, babysitting, and school. This month’s goal is to post Mon, Wed, and Fri. 
  8. Finish MIS class. PASS. I made an A!!!! :) 

October was a mixed month. We really want to keep our expenses down. However, it’s really hard to keep our food budget down. We love eating out and I hate cooking. It stresses me out! November will be a new set of challenges. I will be traveling to see my parents 2x this month, which means I will be spending more on gas. My grandparents are coming into town, so more food :). It’s Thanksgiving, which means Black Friday sales!!!

November Goals:

  1. Save $2500
  2. Spend less than $3000. -This is a more achievable goal.-
  3. Pay $400 to car loan
  4. Workout 4x a week
  5. Write 3 blogs a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
  6. Switch to self host in November, and design new banner

How were your October accomplishments? What are your goals for November?

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