The Race to the $30,000 Down Payment

Remember how I wrote I caught the house bug? Well, after some discussion with the husband, we decided we are going to start saving for a down payment on a house. $30,000 to be exact! That’s a whole lot of money!

Buying a house still scares us, but we realize renting is more expensive than buying in Dallas, and financially speaking it would be better to buy and start building equity. We think buying a house is an investment in our future. We are lucky to have two sets of parents that are pretty handy at fixing stuff. So, once we buy our fixer upper, I’m sure there would be lots of ER calls to them.

I’m going to have to balance out our saving goals moving forward in order to reach our $30,000. Let’s just say any money we get will be going to the down payment savings bucket. Here are some ways I’m restructuring our saving buckets:

  • Emergency fund will be $10,000 instead of $20,000. Money post $10K will start going to a down payment bucket. Once we buy a house, we can start building the EF fund to a $20,000 level.
  • Funding Retirement Accounts – Limits to the 401k and ROTH IRA accounts have increased for 2013. Next year’s max 401k contribution will be $17500, and ROTH IRA contributions will be $5500. 2013 Contributions may remain the same ¬†for us. Still evaluating. Our apartment lease ends in Jan 2014., s our goal is to save a huge down payment by then. We already save substantially compared to our peers, so my thought is once we have a house we can max out all our accounts and save even more.
  • Lower expenses – Ahh my ultimate goal every month. How can I lower our monthly expenses? I don’t always succeed but maybe in 2013 I will!
  • Travel- We still want to travel. Find ways to travel cheap! Use Airbnb, and travel to cities off season.
  • Sock away bonuses and tax refunds.

Are you currently saving for a house down payment? Do you find it painful or easy?

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