The Road to Positivity

Happy Monday everybody! I hope everyone had a great weekend! I actually had a pretty good weekend. I spent time with friends (battled it out in RISK), and had some down time.

On Friday, I noticed that I had been in a funk lately, in regards, to my life, career, and finances. I had been going through the days, gritting my teeth, and just hoping the evening would come so I could watch TV. I have been so tired lately, I just want to get through the day. I realized I don’t want to be like this! I want to enjoy my life, and I am starting now. My goal is to be more positive throughout the week. How can I accomplish this? I will try:

  • Smiling more
  • Turning every negative thought into a positive one
  • Giving more compliments
  • Thinking about all the good things in my life

I have definitely seen PF bloggers write about what their good things are in life and why they should be happier. I am joining the bandwagon, and going to concentrate on the positive aspects of my life. I am definitely going to work on improving my faults and weaknesses, but sometimes, it’s best not to beat yourself up.

Some good news:

  • My husband got a promotion. He is going to be working in sales for his family company. He has a small base salary, and will be receiving commissions. I am very happy for him! He is starting a new challenge and bringing in more money, which will make him happy. He has been applying to corporate jobs, but hasn’t received any calls. This will hopefully boost his resume.
  • We are halfway through our $20,000 savings goal! Currently, there is $10000 in our savings account! So excited! Halfway through! 10K more to go!

How’s life going? Any positive moments/accomplishments you want to share????

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