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Happy Tuesday everybody! Thanks for giving me advice yesterday about my parents’ issues. It’s nice to hear a third party’s wisdom, sometimes it just calms me down. Writing it down, also, helped get it off my chest. I had been carrying these feelings for the past three weeks. I don’t yet what I’m going to do. Relationships are a work in progress, and sometimes I have to let time pass. I am, however, going to explain to my parents that it is our life now. I don’t make decisions without my hubby’s thoughts, even if they think it’s weird.

I had an amazing weekend! Wevcelebrated our first anniversary and it was fabulous. I felt very cherished, and it was a good reminder of why we are so good together :) We didn’t do anything too fancy. Usually going out brings stress, so we stayed at home, celebrated, and enjoyed the Olympics, True Blood, and Newsroom. I managed to squeeze some baby sitting on Sunday :) #sidehustle

So, I mentioned before I have some vacation time this year. I have 8 days, 3 personal business days, and 2 personal floating holidays. I am going to sell back 5 days ( 1 week to my company) to fund our vacation. It leaves me with 3 days + 3 PB + 2 PFH = 8 days. I am probably going to take Friday off before Labor Day weekend. I haven’t decided yet. I have a doctor’s appointment that day back at home. I see a specialist (he has been my doctor for 16 years). I have been debating finding a specialist in my city. I love my doctor but he is too far away. I would like to have a doctor closer, so I don’t postpone questions about my medical condition. What do you think?

So I still have a lot of vacation days to use before end of the year. If I don’t use them, I will lose them. We want to visit somewhere warm and fun for vacation but it needs to be a budget savvy vacation. Date of vacation- December.

Our budget is between $1000-$1500 ( airfare,hotel, and expenses for two).

Any suggestions in the USA?

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