Weekly Round Up- July 28 2012

Thanks for all the support last Thursday when I spoke about the importance of finding time without feeling guilty. I have been feeling better and more energized. Last weekend I tried to stay calm, slow down, and relax. I woke up Saturday morning and watched an entire Girls marathon on HBO Go. The show is both hilarious and depressing! I know…how can that be. I just don’t understand how these girls can be so well put together and yet not be. Maybe it’s the NYC influence? I, also, love how they can pull their outfits together! I am a Gossip Girl fan – until the writers split up Blair and Chuck- and the fashion from Girls to GG is completely different. I wish I could pull off some of their looks.

Both my hubby and I got paid last week! :0 And after some scare of losing my check in the mail, finding it, and depositing it, our bank account went up. Can’t wait to see how much we actually save at the end of July! So far it’s $2300.

Joe @ Retire by Forty finally quit his corporate job! Check out First Week of Retirement. He is much happier, enjoying time with the baby, and loving it so far!

Daisy @Add Vodka talks about baby sitting as a side gig. I started baby sitting two kids last month, and so far it has brought me $500 of side money. It’s not hard, and I feel like I am doing something productive with my life. Do you baby sit?

Go check out a new blogger’s blog :) Making the Bacon! She is so much fun!

Michelle @ Making Sense of Cents talks about Frugal Beauty!

Erika @ Mo’Money Mo’ Houses talks about the one percent. Are they douche cakes?

Have your spending habits affected your friendships? Read TL’s story Am I Tightwad? 

Erika @ NewlyWedsOnABudget wrote about what if you died today, would it be okay? It’s a little depressing to think about it, but that’s why it’s best to try to be happy every day.

Janine @ My Pennies, My Thoughts wrote money earned and well spent.  You must check out her story. She is so young and financially responsible. Definitely, someone to aspire to!

I, also, redesigned my blog’s website. Do you like the new layout? Any suggestions?

I’m going to be baby sitting today, playing softball tomorrow, and going to a Texas Rangers game. Do you have any plans for the weekend?

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