Aiming High, Hopefully We Land Somewhere Close

This is going to be short and sweet! A recent post by Ninja @ Punch Debt in The Face, “Houston, We Have a Failure,” made me want to post my total financial goal for the end of 2012. Yes, I posted a detailed plan of saving, debt, and personal goals for the rest of the year. But I wanted to reveal the big number we are aiming to have in the bank.

We want to save up $20,000 in cash by the end of 2012. Right now, we have $7500. Yup, I added $1500 from last paycheck! We saved $2300 so far this month. Which means we have $12,500 to go. With five months to go, it means we have to save $2500 a month to make the goal. Is it doable? Not sure, but we are going to try!

We, also, want to decrease our car loan (debt) to -$3000. After the July payment, the loan is currently -$4900. Right now, we are planning to pay $300 a month. 5 months * $300 is only $1500. We will be $400 short of our goal. But maybe I can send an extra payment in December?

What is your financial goal for 2012? Are you almost there?

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