Life Update: New Job

Hello! It’s been a while since my last blog post. Life kinda took over and left me without breath. Last week I went to see my family and basically took care of my mom. She hasn’t been feeling well (stress), and the doctors gave her muscle relaxants to help with her back pain ( life pain?). I did not really have a chance to sit down and write my thoughts down, but I did have time to catch up on some blogs! I love reading about personal finance! :) I am such a nerd.

Guess where I am typing this blog post up? Just guess :) In my office cubicle :) I have a cubicle!!! A nice open concept cubicle. Today, I finished my second day of work, and so far so good. It’s a little intimidating, as any new experience is, but everyone is really nice and helpful. I hit the ground running with lots of training and meetings with co workers explaining me what they do. On my first day, I met over 50 people.On Monday, I was in the office from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm. Today, I was in from 8 am to 4:30 pm, and came back around 6 to take care of some random stuff and get some time alone.

I, also, found out last night that my husband’s car loan is not being paid off completely as his parents said some time ago.Side note: The agreement was that his car loan would be deducted from his paycheck and it would be part of his compensation. My husband is currently working for his dad’s company. His parents decided to change their minds claiming that now we have money coming in (I got a job), so we can easily pay off the loan.We really cannot fight this since everything was verbal. Sigh….both him and I are upset. I haven’t told him how upset I am. My husband had an opportunity to join a great company but turned it down because he wanted to help his dad. He is being underpaid, but wanted to help out the family business. His dad also knew about this opportunity and did not encourage him to pursue it. I understand his parents did help pay for his tuition…but…I don’t really know how to explain my feeling towards this. Part of me feels like my husband was cheated. Is it wrong for me to feel like this? Thankfully, my husband is looking for a better job, and hopefully will land one by August- September. Well back to the point. So, I think we owe about 5 grand right now on the car. Need to get more details. We have debt :(

We signed our lease on an awesome apartment! The closet is huge. It’s four minutes from my office, and right next to great highways, just in case my husband has to travel.We move in August 23rd, not soon enough if you ask us. Remember when I said we were going to move in with my in laws during the transition period. I didn’t know where I was going to be working, and we were running low on funds. Well, I learned my lesson. His family is nice, but I miss our apartment. Neither one of us enjoys being there, so we find things/excuses to get out. We are going to start paying rent in July-August ($200-$300). I don’t mind paying rent, but my husband feels its a double standard because his sister and boyfriend have been living rent free plus food and gas for almost a year. I just want to get everything on to our account, and not want to owe anybody anything. So I don’t mind paying. It’s less than rent at an apartment. However, his parents are constantly reminding us how much help they give us, and then ask for certain conditions in return. I don’t know what to think. Part of me just wishes we would have spent our money on rent. The other part of me tells me to buckle up and deal with it. I am really grateful for their help, don’t get me wrong.I am alone in this?

So that’s what been happening in my life. I am really excited to move into our apartment. The next two months cannot go by fast enough! :)



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