Hilton Head Vacation

Our trip to South Carolina was awesome! We actually went to visit my hubby’s cousins in HIlton Head. I greatly recommend spending some time in historic downtown Charleston. We stayed there our first night, and went to a jazz bar, the Rooftop Bar. We also visited the market (established in 1806 as a slave market) the next day, walked around downtown, and saw all the historic homes.

In Hilton Head, we did not have to pay for a hotel since we were staying in our cousins’ home. Here is a breakdown of travel expenses:

  1. 2 Round Trip Tickets to Myrtle Beach – $311
  2. Rental Car For 7 Days – $400
  3. Food- $405
  4. Gifts-57

Total = $1173

The food was relatively expensive, so we tried to limit what we ate. The beach was amazing! I recommend going to Hilton Head for a vacation!


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