Pushing Forward

I heard back from two companies about jobs the past week. I did not get a job offer from one, although I was very close. I was basically told to come back after two years of work experience. Lesson learned: I need to be more confident about my abilities and express my critical thinking skills in a better manner. It was a great company, but the job was going to be very demanding. Travel 80% and hours during the week and weekend. Part of me feels disappointed that I didn’t make the final cut. Another part of me feels glad that I didn’t get it because of the intensity of the job. After four years fast tracking through my bachelor’s and graduate degree, I want to relax a bit, enjoy time with friends, workout, read books. You are only 22 once in your life right?¬†Unfortunately, I am not sure if this attitude goes hand in hand with having a competitive career?

I got a job from the second company, but was extremely surprised to have them offer a whopping 14K less and less benefits than what I was offered last year with just my undergrad. Not to mention I am bilingual. I have to call them to turn them down tomorrow. Here’s a lesson that I learned from that interview: Always ask salary range before the interview. I spent too many hours pursuing a job with a low salary. I think this is going to come bite me later on.

So, now I am back to square one. I really need to concentrate of finishing this semester. Ten more days- two more exams, two more papers, two more presentations. Then, I can go on vacation, reenergize and get back on the job search horse.

I talked to my husband about our plans for the summer. Basically, we figured out that since I don’t have a job yet we are going to have to move in with his parents temporarily this summer. We will also have to postpone my car purchase.

11 More days Left. I think I can do it.


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