27 Days To Go

I am suppose to be working on one of my three projects right now, but I just cannot concentrate. There is a Netflix How I Met Your Mother Marathon on TV. I need the background noise otherwise I think I might go crazy! That is one thing I miss about having roommates. My apartment is too quiet!

My mind has already flown away to beach paradise. You see we are going on our vacation to South Carolina in 27 days. We are actually leaving on my birthday. This by far will be the best birthday ever!!! So much has to be accomplished before then including finishing up my 5 graduate courses and getting a job! These are hefty goals because everything depends on this. There is so much pressure. I feel like everybody is asking me about my job and my future. Every time I talk to my mom, she asks about jobs. She keeps trying to make plans for me. She wants me to go visit them, go to Mexico, etc. I am usually a planner, but without a job, I honestly feel like I cannot make any plans. It’s come to the point where I don’t want to talk to anybody because I don’t want to answer the dreadful questions. I’m anxious and a little depressed. I am keeping my eye on the ball. I know I have to finish, and I am pursuing leads, but sometimes I feel like I’m getting nowhere.

I am concentrating on the good things in life. For example, I am almost finished with my Master’s in Supply Chain Management! Granted, I have 3 more classes to finish the MBA afterwards, but I’ll worry about that later! At least, I’ll have two degrees under my belt. Only 27 days left until I finish with the semester and my vacation!!! Soon, I can start working on new goals!

I also tried on my swimsuits today! I am so ready to jump in a pool!!! 27 more days!!!

By the way, I feel like Marshall’s life on HIMYM on season 1 is parallel to mine. Remember when he was flat broke and Barney convinced-more liked tricked- him to work for his company?

Is anybody feeling as anxious as me? Maybe, you are moving to a new city or starting a new job?


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  • Sounds like lots of good things are going on in your life. I’m happy for you, and jealous of your vacation!

  • fromshoppingtosaving

    I remember all of those feelings when I first graduated in 2009. Did I want to go back to school? My mom was bugging me to help out at home, my dad was pushing me to study for the LSAT and then they started pushing me to find a job. It was hard to figure out what I wanted for myself but I decided to make my own decisions and listen to my gut. Always listen to yourself – and you will persevere. Seems like you are a very independent woman though :)

  • @ Michelle thanks for the support!
    @Erika Thanks! I am independent! My mom says I have been fiery since I was little :) Why do parents have to be so overbearing? LOL

  • Those 27 days are going to flllllyyyyy by!! Just keep focused on the clear skies ahead :)

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