Weekly Round Up: Debt Payoff, Obama Care, and More

There have been some awesome posts this week! Check them out!

John at Married with Debt had an awesome guest post by Cohdra called “5 Tips to Live a Debt Free Life and Become Wealthy.” He also is one step closer from paying off all his debt.

I also became more informed by SB at One Cent at A Time regarding Obama Care.

If you are looking for advice on what to do with your tax refund, check out Dinks Finance “Five Smart Ways to Use Your Tax Refund”.

Well Heeled Blog Girl is trying to decide between using her vacation fund to go to the Galapagos Island or fund her MBA education.

The Happy Homeowner wrote a great blog about how making excuses and saving money don’t mix!

Michelle at Making Sense of Cents wrote a blog post about mystery shopping. If you are interested in increasing your side hustle money, I would definitely read it!

I also completed all the scholarships I was applying to for my MBA. All I need is to mail in my recommendation letters & official transcript!

What are you up to this weekend?

Savvy Financial Latina

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