Higher Oil Prices Here They Come

Here comes the summer, watch out for those skyrocketing gas prices!!!

I watched this video on Wall Street Journal regarding higher oils prices (click on the picture to be redirected to the page).

Well, if things could not get much worse, gas prices are predicted to up to $5 a gallon. Which means that everything else is going to go up: groceries, fast food, clothes, etc. When oil prices rise, your bank account will hurt! Higher oil prices also means more inflation, which makes your dollar worth even less. Yay! Not.

On a positive note, there are many ways you can save on gas. You could carpool with your co-workers, use public transportation, take fewer trips to the grocery store, or open the car window instead of using the a/c.

Have you started to see this affecting your budget? What’s your plan for the summer?


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