Save Money: Skip the Car

My Dream Car: Nissan Altima

Everyone dreams of having their dream car. Having a car definitely comes with its perks: being able to go wherever you want, for example! My parents were thinking of buying me a car my sophomore year of college, but due to certain circumstances, I ended up not getting one. Not getting a car has by far been one of the savviest financial decisions this Latina has made. I saved thousands of dollars by not paying for insurance, maintenance, inspection fees, taxes, and of course, the monthly payments. Not having a car did limit my independence. It’s sucky to have to rely on public transportation and to beg my hubby for rides :p. But thinking about it now, I haven’t had to look for parking spots at my school (sucks, min of 15 minutes if you are lucky). It has probably saved me from a couple of car accidents. I am from a small town where the highway has two lanes, and I am now living in a city where there are multiple highways, people drive above 80 mph, and do not use their blinkers! It’s pretty scary. I have driven on the highways before and I freaked. I did not know which way to look! My hubby, who is an excellent driver, has totaled 3 cars (none his fault). One accident: a guy ran a red light. Another, he was waiting at a gas station exit to take a right onto the street, and two cars crashed, and collided into him. No kidding.

Since, I am becoming a “grown up” soon, I will be getting a car. I actually know what type of car I am going to get because his parents always get this “type” of brand. They have bought all their cars from one dealership, and they always get treated well. And no, it’s not a Nissan Altima. But as long as it runs, has good gas mileage, and is decent, I’ll be happy :) I haven’t started car shopping because I don’t have a job offer yet. So until that puppy comes in, I won’t step foot inside a dealership, too much temptation.

What’s my budget, you ask? Well, I plan to stay under 13K, taxes and fees, extended warranty, etc. included. I am not going above that number. More on this later :)

So, just wondering, when did you get your first car? Did your parents pay for it or did you get it? Was it a good deal? Any tips?

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