Rising Costs of Healthcare

I came across this great article regarding jumps in healthcare premiums. (http://www.nytimes.com/2011/09/28/business/health-insurance-costs-rise-sharply-this-year-study-shows.html?pagewanted=all)

This year anĀ average annual premium for family coverage through an employer reached $15,073 in 2011, an increase of 9 percent over the previous year.

Workers are also paying more of the bill…

We all know healthcare costs are increasing every year. I see it on my bill every time I go to the doctor! The healthcare business environment is also changing, putting an even bigger emphasis on costs and optimization and transforming the experience.

A retired army doctor once told me that he hated going to the doctor. He felt like he was just one more item on the doctor’s to do list. When he started in medicine, doctors would be your family friends, they would come to your house to see you, etc. The relationship between the doctor and the patient was very important. If only it was this way now!

How much do you spend on healthcare on annual basis?What portion does your insurance cover for your healthcare costs? Are you satisfied with your healthcare? Do you avoid going to the doctor until you really cannot stand the pain?


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